Chief Executive Officer of Tetrasound technologies.

Mr. Menzies is the founder and developer of Vector Equilibrium Systems and has the specific technical background to advance our technologies well into the future. Mr. Robert Menzies is a seasoned businessman with the experience of launching manufacturing. Mr. Menzies will be primarily directing the re-startup of manufacturing Tetrasound products, continuing with the research and development component of the company as well as consulting on marketing when required. Mr. Menzies has over 23 years of direct sales and marketing experience in the retail and wholesale electronics industry.  Mr. Menzies has had extensive experience working with various companies such as Sony, Miller’s Electronics, The Brick and General Audio to name a few. Mr. Menzies founded the original Tetrasound speaker manufacturing company.


Chief Operating Officer of Tetrasound technologies.

Mr. Braithwaite has had a 35 year interest in the technology field. His first adventure officially began in 1996 when made the decision to move out of a career in banking and back to his true passion that resides somewhere in between manufacturing and technology. With a background in Marketing, Human Resources, Banking, Furniture Manufacturing, and IT / Web Development he has found the perfect place with becoming a partner in Tetrasound Technologies. Sound Technology and Speaker manufacturing has proven to be his ultimate passion. Having built his first pair of speakers in 1998 and moving the original design into a place that was not seen before on the market sealed the idea in the subconscious as to where he would eventually solidify and focus his passion.