Tetrasound has developed a new and exciting technology called the Vector Equilibrium System (VE) which has been incorporated into its unique line of loudspeakers. We have already taken our products beyond the prototype stage and into inventory readiness, and now we are now in a position to begin test marketing and prepare for full‐scale production and product release. The Vector Equilibrium System conceived by Robert Menzies is the first major development in speaker technology since 1955. This system is vastly superior to any other presently in the industry for the following reasons:

  1. The VE System reproduces the quality of sound of the original ʺliveʺ sources more accurately than any other speaker system.
  2. Conventional speaker systems have a very limited field of sound. The optimum position for sound imaging (known as the sweet spot) is front and centre of the sound source. In an attempt to enhance this sound field, many systems use phase corrupting techniques that alter the sound image. The VE System dramatically

broadens the sound field while retaining the true sound of the original source. Thus, the listener may enjoy the sound reproduction from anywhere in the room with much the same accuracy.

  1. The VE System minimizes echoes within any listening environment by reducing the standing waves in the room.
  1. The VE System will self‐adjust to any room by using the existing space as part of the system itself, enabling the listener to hear a complete stereo panorama and imaging from any position within that room.
  2. The VE System possesses incredible power‐handling capabilities in addition to amazing bass response characteristics. This means more efficient speakers on a much smaller scale.